• This Couples Project was done for Amy and Ayra. If you would...

    This Couples Project was done for Amy and Ayra. If you would like your own Couples Project for any occasion send me an email at and I’ll give you some more info! Check out the other ones by clicking the hashtag: #couplesprojectNF

    I know this is a longer post than most, but their story is amazing and should be shared: “This is Amy and me. She was very adamant that we take this picture despite that we were 1. both in heels and 2. on a very small bridge with water under. While this picture was being taken, she kept trying to reassure me that she wasn’t going to let me fall. Yikes. It’s very cheesy and I’m not one for cheese, but it was very important to me. The biggest thing that I love about Amy is how safe I feel with her. We have had rough times because of her parents and sometimes mine. And I remember telling her how guilty I felt because her father was angry at her for our relationship. She said "it’s fine that I get all the repercussions. As long as he doesn’t hurt you.”
    We’re at the end of senior year, and we both have an understanding that high school relationships usually don’t last and ‘love does not exist in high school’. But we have a nice kind of relationship where we both try to better ourselves for the sake of each other. We give each other space when it is needed. We accommodate each other for the different emotional needs that we have. We compromise. We talk about our problems together rather than sweeping them under a rug. We work at the 'love’ we have that many would say doesn’t exist or will fade away. Sometimes I’d like to think that our relationship is a lot better than most adults. But what do I know? We’re just two kids.“